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Harcourts Inspirational Women

  We are powerful beyond measure – Harcourts Inspirational Women I have always admired the ...

21 April 2017 

Videography– the marketing strategy of today

If you don’t incorporate videography into your business you will be left behind. Right now there ...

27 March 2017 

Defusing Damaging Reviews

Online hostile attacks or simply an unhappy client review means trouble. How we manage online engagement ...

23 February 2017 

Moving With Pets And Keeping Them Happy

When moving with pets, keeping the four-legged family members happy is an important part of a successful ...

02 November 2016 

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Improve Your Loan-Ability

Understanding how lenders assess lending criteria could help improve your chances of success ...

14 August 2019 

5 Reasons Why Insurance Matters

It’s tempting to question the value of insurance because it’s an intangible thing – it’s ...

14 August 2019 

Buying and selling at auction

Across New Zealand, auctions are a popular method for both buying and selling property. But ...

14 August 2019